Your Virtual Dream Temple
Your Virtual Dream Temple

Your Virtual Dream Temple

Make Lasting Transformation using Alternative Practices


What we are all about

Imagine having a roadmap for your life that provides clarity on what path to take towards achieving your dream life by working with the energies ALL AROUND US. This community shares a wide range of educational practices that gives you the tools you need to work through suppressed emotions, flow with the energy of the planets, regulate your nervous system and so much more.

You choose your adventure while the whole community supports you along your journey!

Your Membership Benefits

Your Membership Benefits


Wide range of topics to deepen your self awareness and connection to the mysteries of the Universe


Incorporate what you learn into your daily life through journaling prompts, exercises and check ins


Live interactive zoom sessions answering your pressing questions


Accountability & support from a global community sharing their own expertise


Reflect on the collective energy of the week


Reduce the mind chatter with short practices that fit into your day


What members are saying


This group is definitely the best spot I have found for any sort of dream interpretation/answers! The videos you have here are by far the most informative and easy to find on your app! I love the conversations we have as a group and the topics that bring us together! I’m very grateful to be a part of this group that you have put together Meli! Thank you Thank you Thank you


I can personally speak that Meli is an excellent mentor in dream interpretation and healing. Meli really makes the whole experience feel specialized to the individual and has a depth of knowledge in symbolism and modalities (i.e. crystals, essential oils, oracle cards, tarot, tea reading, etc.) to not only teach you to understand your dreams but what to do with the information for healing and growth.


I'm so happy that I connected with Meli over a year and a half ago! I am very impressed with her knowledge and kindness. Her online community has been a saving grace for me and a place I feel safe to explore alternative spiritual practices and meet others who are doing the same. She is a gem. Thank you for everything!

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Holistic Education for your Soul

Monthly Membership

Access to library of content, community forum, group coaching calls and more.

Frequently Asking Questions

What is included in a subscription plan?

You get immediate access to library of holistic workshops, workbooks, mystical practices, monthly group coaching, dream interpretations and more all meant to enhance your life and evolve into your highest self.

Can I use my mobile phone?

Yes you can! Save the page to your phone home screen for easy access on the go!

Can I cancel any time?

You have full access to your account and can cancel whenever. Once you cancel your membership, you will lose access when your month is up. If the membership rate increases, you’ll need to re-sign up at the new membership rate.